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Kitchen Renovation Cost 2023 - A Detailed Guide

Kitchen Renovation Cost 2023
Kitchen Renovation Cost 2023

The value of your property and kitchen will be raised once a kitchen renovation comes into the picture.

Though it might be expensive, it is always a good idea to research how much a kitchen renovation costs in 2023 and how it is more or less than your budget.

According to Remodeling Magazine," the average national average cost of a minor kitchen renovation is approximately $13,468". It includes labor, materials, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

There are more options for customizing your kitchen and its cost, thanks to the various types of appliances, colors, kitchen cabinets, and tiles styles/designs.

Here is the detailed guide for the kitchen renovation cost in Dubai in 2023, which will help you make your existing kitchen design into an elegant one.

Let's dive in!

What is the Average Kitchen Renovation Cost in Dubai?

The size of your kitchen, whether you need the big fit out or want to hire professionals to do the job, determines the average kitchen renovation cost in Dubai.

The cost of kitchen interiors projects are listed below for more clarity :

1. Simple Kitchen Renovation - A refreshing look is needed in a simple kitchen renovation. This could include replacing a few appliances with energy-efficient technology, painting the walls, and cleaning or fixing and updating Dubai kitchen cabinets.

The average kitchen renovation cost in Dubai for a simple kitchen renovation is around 2.3K to 5.8K AED.

2. Major Kitchen Renovation - When you opt for a major kitchen renovation, you want a new kitchen with completely different vibes than the old one. In that case, you can go with a beach house design.

It will include customized kitchen cabinets, new worktops, aesthetic lighting that requires professional wiring, flooring installation, and fresh paint on the walls. The average cost of major kitchen renovation in Dubai ranges from 29k AED.

3. Full Kitchen Renovation - If you plan to do a full kitchen renovation, which includes the alteration of the whole design, plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors.

Modern countertops, custom kitchen cabinets, and lighting will be added to the complete kitchen renovation.

The average cost of a complete kitchen renovation in Dubai will be around 29k to 50k AED, depending upon your personal preferences.

How to Renovate Your Kitchen Without a Big Fit out?

If you feel like spending less on the kitchen renovation. Here are a few remodeling tips that will fit your budget without affecting the quality :

1. Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing - According to some experts, changing kitchen cabinets might cost at least 25% of your kitchen renovation budget. You can save money by refinishing the kitchen cabinet rather than replacing it.

Refinishing is removing the old stains from your Dubai kitchen cabinets using chemicals and making any minor repairs that are required. And use different paint for the kitchen cabinets of your choice.

2. Replace the Hardware - You can change the look and vibes of your existing kitchen by replacing a fixture, appliances and hardware items. You may also reduce the utility cost if you replace an appliance with the energy-efficient one.

3. Try to Add More Lighting - Many homes are constructed with lighting that does not match the theme of the kitchen design. Try to replace the lighting or put fixtures in your kitchen that have colors and go well with the flooring, countertops, and cabinets.

4. Display a Few Art pieces - Any kitchen will look elegant with the perfect art piece despite its design and style. Consider hanging posters or paintings if your kitchen seems old.

Try to add pop art and collages that go with your kitchen's color palette if you want something contemporary.

5. Buy a Pan Rack - Buy a couple of new pots and pans if your kitchen has a cozy vibe and there is enough space on the wall. And finally, hang them on a pan rack. This way, your kitchen helps your family and friends feel welcome, whether you use them or not.

6. Place Rugs/Mats - Rugs and fancy furniture instantly add warmth to a space. Look for attractive seat cushions or rugs that you can easily place in your kitchen.

If you have a lot of space in your kitchen, set up a seat or chair where your dear ones can sit, relax and talk while you prepare food.

7. Go Minimalist - A kitchen that requires much maintenance and care tends to look cluttered. Try to make your kitchen stay as minimalist as possible. Install a pantry organization or cookware organizer to keep your kitchen looking simple yet beautiful.

Though no one notices these adjustments, you might get a different look at your existing kitchen design.

8. Have Kitchen Tiles Professionally Cleaned - Some solutions might not be able to altogether remove the stains. Your kitchen will look much nicer if you hire professionals to clean the tiles of your kitchen.

Also, it would help your kitchen area if you think about adding the lighting to make the space even brighter without spending a lot of money. And making the kitchen space more live and happening.


In the end, it is possible to renovate a kitchen on a budget in 2023. You can cut costs by ordering kitchen cabinets UAE in standard sizes rather than customized ones and opting for a laminate tabletop than a stone one.

Also, you can hire professionals like Yalla Renovation in Dubai, which provides the best home renovation services.

We can help you renovate your kitchen within your cutting costs while keeping all the functions and aesthetic look in mind.

Our expert designers will guide you in making the right decisions regarding the kitchen interiors, including kitchen cabinets UAE and other hardware items.

You can achieve the kitchen of your dreams by hiring us. Book a free estimation appointment for your kitchen renovation cost for 2023 with Yalla Renovation.

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