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With our expert designers, plan & build your renovation within your budget and with top industry standards.

Are you dreaming of creating the perfect oasis right in your own backyard? Look no further than Yalla Renovations, your trusted swimming pool Dubai contractor and renovation company in Dubai. We specialize in turning your swimming pool dreams into reality, making us the top choice among swimming pool contractors in Dubai.

Our Comprehensive Services

Swimming Pool Design and Construction - At Yalla Renovations, we understand that your swimming pool is more than just a place to take a dip; it's an extension of your lifestyle. As the leading swimming pool company in Dubai, we offer a full spectrum of design and construction services to meet your unique needs. Our experienced team of experts will work closely with you to create a customized pool that complements your property and reflects your style.

Pool Renovation and Remodeling - Is your existing pool in need of a makeover? Our skilled team can transform your outdated pool into a modern and stylish oasis. Whether you want to add new features, change the shape, or upgrade the aesthetics, we are your go-to swimming pool contractor in Dubai for renovations and remodeling.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai - To ensure your pool remains a source of enjoyment year-round, Yalla Renovations offers comprehensive swimming pool maintenance services. Our trained technicians will keep your pool in pristine condition, from water chemistry management to equipment upkeep. We take the hassle out of pool ownership so you can focus on relaxing.

Types Of Pool

Swimming pools come in various types, each designed to cater to different preferences, budgets, and space requirements. Here are some of the most common types of swimming pools:

In-Ground Swimming Pool

Concrete (Gunite or Shotcrete) -These pools are highly customizable and durable. They are constructed by spraying concrete over a rebar framework and can be shaped to fit any design.

Vinyl-Lined: Vinyl-lined pools have a flexible liner that covers the excavated hole. They come in various shapes and sizes and are often more budget-friendly than concrete pools.

Fiberglass - Fiberglass pools are pre-made shells that are installed in the excavated area. They are known for their quick installation and smooth, low-maintenance surface.

Above-Ground Swimming Pool -These pools are installed above the ground and are typically more affordable and easier to install than in-ground pools. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be dismantled and relocated if needed.

Infinity (Vanishing Edge) Pool -  Also known as vanishing edge or negative edge pools, these pools create the illusion of water extending to the horizon by having one or more edges with water overflowing into a catch basin, creating a visually stunning effect.

Natural Swimming Pool - These pools use plants and biological filters to purify the water, mimicking the ecosystem of a natural pond. They are chemical-free and provide a more eco-friendly swimming experience.

Plunge Pool -  Plunge pools are small, deep pools designed for cooling off and relaxation. They are often used in smaller outdoor spaces and can be heated for year-round use.

Saltwater Pool -  Saltwater pools use a salt chlorine generator to produce chlorine from salt, resulting in softer water and reduced chlorine odor compared to traditional chlorinated pools.

Lap Pool - Lap pools are long and narrow, specifically designed for swimming laps and exercise. They are popular choices for fitness enthusiasts.

Indoor Swimming Pool - Enclosed within a building, indoor swimming pools can be used year-round and are protected from outdoor weather conditions. They are common in fitness centers, hotels, and private residences.

Hot Tub or Spa -  While not a traditional swimming pool, hot tubs or spas are small, heated pools designed for relaxation and hydrotherapy.

Splash Pool or Wading Pool -  These shallow pools are perfect for children and toddlers to splash and play in. They are often found in parks and recreational areas.

Public and Community Pools -  These pools are typically owned and operated by municipalities or organizations and are open to the public for recreational swimming, swimming lessons, and other aquatic activities.

The type of swimming pool you choose will depend on your budget, available space, intended use, and personal preferences. Each type offers its own set of advantages and considerations, so it's important to carefully evaluate your needs before making a decision.

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