FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I substitute any fixtures and finishes that are not in the Yalla Renovation library?

If you do want something outside of our library, we will order it on your behalf. However, you can order appliances on your own. All substitutions are subject to a 15% fee (on the substitution’s product value), the fee will be reflected in a separate line item for Services in the post design pricing update.  

Can I share my own inspiration images with my designer?

You can certainly share design inspiration; we love to see how you express your style. Our Designer will further help you develop the idea and procure the item.

What fixtures and materials can I see in person?

Our Designers will come in person after scheduling a meeting along with Color Swatches, Shades, Models etc to make the selection process easier.

Where does Yalla Renovation buy its materials?

We Offer high Quality, Brands like RAK, Grohe etc along with other Cost Effective Brands based on the customer requirements and budget. We have deep relationships with some of the top rated plumbing supply, tile, and bathroom fixture vendors in the country. 

We've developed relationships with premium vendors to source countertop and cabinetry finishes that cater to a variety of scopes and budgets. 

For Cabinets we use a variety of AGT/ EGGER Panels along with Accessories of Kasseboehmer, all with a 10 Year Warranty.

For appliances, we can source all the major brands including Franke, Teka etc. 

When is the last point at which I can make design changes? Can I make design changes once construction begins?

Design changes requested after completion of the design approval document will result in a change order. A change order is work that is added to or removed from the scope of work in this document, which alters the cost and the completion date of the project. We will provide a single price for the change that includes materials, labor and a 15% Yalla Renovation services fee.

If unforeseen site conditions or building requirements necessitate a change to your design, your Yalla Renovation project team will help you to adapt your design appropriately. 

What does the construction process entail?


Yalla Renovation will start with demolition of the space. This includes removing all existing fixtures and demolishing the wall and floor materials back to the framing or solid structure, depending on the composition of your space. From there, other components like wiring, plumbing, or framing may be removed, depending on the scope of your project. Demolition can potentially expose unforeseen conditions. Once complete, we can inspect the framing, wiring, and plumbing and may need to adjust your scope to properly prepare your space for installation of new materials.

From here, we shall complete the necessary plumbing and electrical work, install new substrates on the walls and floor, waterproof, tile, and install the other fixtures and finishes.


After protecting your space, Yalla Renovation will start with demolition. This typically includes removing the existing appliances, countertop, backsplash, cabinets, floor, and other fixtures and finishes based on your scope. From there, we may open the walls to the extent necessary to access other components like wiring, plumbing, or framing depending on the scope of your project. If requested, we can replace all wall surfaces back to the studs in your space.

Demolition can expose unforeseen conditions. Once demolition is complete, we can inspect the framing, wiring, and plumbing and may need to adjust your scope to properly prepare your space for installation of new materials. 

Can I live in my home during construction?

While it is possible to continue your stay and we will plan the renovation works accordingly, we strongly recommend relocating for the duration of your project, and in some cases, it is necessary. Relocating during your renovation will lead to a more streamlined and enjoyable project, saves time and delays.

What is Yalla Renovation's payment schedule?

Yalla Renovation has 2 payment options depending on the type of works,

1. For Kitchen and Cabinet works we take 90% payment in Advance and 10% payment upon delivery and Installation

2. For other Renovation works we take 50% payment in Advance and the pending payments on a milestone completion set at the beginning of the project.

COVID-19 Safety

Here at Yalla Renovation, we treat the health of our clients, contractors and employees with the utmost importance. COVID-19 is still a threat, and is on the rise in many parts.


We encourage all of our customers and contractors to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 by following the Dubai guidelines, which includes isolating or quarantining as necessary, wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distancing.