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15 Things Nobody Tells You About Renovating Your Bathroom

Updated: Nov 21, 2022


Renovation of any kind can be a little intimidating. But when it comes to bathroom renovation Dubai, an area which needs to be super functional, clean, ideal, and obviously a bit luxurious, things can become challenging.

Millions of decisions need to be made, from mirrors to tiles, which can be confusing. The most important thing when renovating your bathroom is what is your daily personal care habits. Therefore, you can upgrade it according to your needs which will make you comfortable.

So, today, in this article, let’s try to understand a few things about renovating your bathroom in Dubai.

Let’s dive in!

Top 15 Secrets Nobody Will Tell You About Your Bathroom Renovation

15 Things Nobody Tells You About Renovating Your Bathroom

1. Bathroom Remodel Cost: You might think that bathroom renovation costs couldn’t be that high since it’s one area in your house. But you are wrong. Even with basic materials, accessories could cost you around 2000 AED to 15000 AED in Dubai.

Different factors can go possibly go high in renovating your bathroom. Plumbing is a common issue among all of those factors which can increase your bathroom renovation cost. So, take careful note of that while remodeling your bathroom.

2. Overall Design and Style: Making a comprehensive design and style of your bathroom when renovating is an essential thing to do. A proper layout must be made to see how the final look will go.

With proper layout and design, you can be assured that your bathroom contains the right fixtures and comfy space for other people. When you tell your vision of what you need, proper design and style can be made to match your vision with the perfect amenities.

3. Perfect Lighting is All You Need: if you want your bathroom to look classy, a few light bulbs won’t work. You should take bathroom lighting seriously, as it can decide the whole vibe.

There are four kinds of lighting for bathrooms: task, decorative, sparkle and accent. It depends on how you want to mix and match all of these and create a look that will fit your bathroom routine.

4. Right Amount of Storage Space: A well-functioning bathroom should have the right amount of storage space, including all toiletries, towels and other bathroom things you need.

All the soaps, moisturizers, and skincare products can be a little messy, especially when more than one person is using the bathroom.

So, the main goal is to make it tide without compromising the aesthetic look. This is the one thing you should write down when designing a layout of your bathroom when renovating.

5. Communicate With Your Bathroom Renovation Contractor: Don’t just assume that you and your bathroom renovation contractor Dubai will be on the same page every time. You must communicate each detail, design and style to your contractor whenever you think of changing anything.

Think of bathroom renovation as surgery to avoid getting the wrong knee replaced; you need to get assurance from the doctor until the surgery is done.

6. Install Accessible Switch Points: You don’t want to end your bathroom renovation without installing accessible switch points.

Avoid these errors; plugging the hairdryer in the bathroom but cannot see yourself in the mirror, or you are sharing your bathroom with someone and forgetting to install multiple switch points. Take care of these things before finishing the bathroom renovation.

7. Choose Tiles Carefully: Forget the various samples of tiles which your bathroom renovation contractor shows you; just remember a few essential points before selecting tiles. They need to be hard, long-wearing, and need to look elegant on the bathroom wall or floor.

You can choose glass, porcelain, natural stone, cement, or ceramic tile, as per your choice. It will become much easier once you finalize the options, then you can choose the colour and shape for the same.

8. Pick Right Height For Sink: The typical counterparts are over 32” and 34” of your floor. You need to consider how the sink matches the counterparts' height.

Pick Right Height For Sink

For example, if you have an above-counter sink level, you need to lower the counter height so that you can wash your hands and brush comfortably.

9. Put a Window: Humidity gets trapped in the bathroom and lacks proper ventilation. A fan can make a little difference, but the natural ventilation will be good when you put a window in your bathroom renovation. This way, your bathroom will look more clean and fresh.

10. Think About Woodwork: Woodwork is another essential thing you must consider when renovating your bathroom. Some people prefer wooden floors and more

bathroom drawers with wider shelves. Choosing a good quality wood would be a good investment and give your bathroom a beautiful look.

11. Try to be Creative: A chance to renovate your bathroom is not what everyone gets. So, if you have one, try to be more creative with the ideas and design. Take a chance to make your bathroom elegant as well as classy.

So, change those old tiles, go for a subtle paint, and add necessary items that are trendy in the market. Let people get surprised to see your new bathroom.

12. Shower or Tub: When you get confused between a shower or a bathtub, ask yourself if you will live in the house forever or move out anytime? If you are going to live in the house for 5 years, then go for a bathtub; otherwise, the shower is a good option and budget-friendly too.

Though the future is unpredictable, the practical way is to go with a shower or bathtub, depending on the time of stay in the house.

13. Plumbing: You would be surprised to know how much hair goes down that drain. The larger your bathroom drain, the lesser chances it is to clog.

So, you should consider increasing your bathroom drain by 2inches. The cost difference to upgrade the drain won’t be that high or cross your bathroom renovation cost.

14. Small Size Bathroom: If you have a small size bathroom, you can choose either a traditional or a modern floor-standing toilet, a water-conserving toilet or wall mounted toilet. A Compact size toilet is all you need for a small-size bathroom.

15. Final Touches: Once your bathroom renovation is done, you can go for the final touches. You can now set up the designs of your choice. Put some plants near the window, foot mats, candles or wall-hanging portraits. It will give a subtle look to your bathroom.


In the end, we can say that these 15 things mentioned above will make or break your bathroom renovation. So, it is better to research and plan beforehand.

And if you want to take the help of a bathroom renovating contractor in Dubai, you can contact Yalla Renovation for any queries.

They provide top-notch bathroom renovation services using quality materials for your bathroom floors and walls according to the vision you have dreamed about remodeling your bathroom.

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